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Plan Your Next Getaway to Phuket, Thailand!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

We were both "vacation ready", but it was not easy deciding on our next vacation. This next vacation had to be a epic, fascinating, and relaxing. Where should we go? We even had written names of places on small torn pieces of paper for our next vacation, folded and thrown it into a bowl, and had our children to pick our next adventure. I cannot recall the winner, but I was not drawn to that place. I felt that my spirit was longing for Asia, and Thailand has always been on my bucket list. After a few days of researching and planning, we booked our next adventure to Phuket, Thailand.

Our flight was two weeks away and there was so much planning to do. The pressure was on and it was so much fun planning this trip. We traveled to Phuket, Thailand middle of June, during off season. I just checked the 10 day weather forecast and took a leap of faith when planning this trip. Thailand is a safe country to visit in Asia.

"All travelers can freely travel to Thailand without any COVID restrictions" ( ), as of January 3, 2023.

There are numerous things for you to explore in Phuket, Thailand from the delicious food, the beautiful beaches and islands nearby, to the lovely cafes, elephant sanctuaries, markets and so much more! Plan your next trip to Phuket, Thailand by purchasing TLA Adventures of Phuket, Thailand






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